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Modalities and Submodalities


As individuals we are experiencing external events through our five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Our five senses creates Internal Representation system (IR) also known as MODALITY which is unique for each individual. These modalities are:

V    Visual

A     Auditory

K     Kinesthetic

O    Oflaktory

G     Gusatory

All of the representational systems have qualities. These qualities in NLP terms are known as submodalities. They are components of representational systems. 

Submodalities are how we structure our experience.  When we want to change our experience, then we are eliciting in the submodalities of of the experience, adding new submodalities and individual can give a new meaning to that experience.

Working out with changing of submodalities is a very powerful intervention that gives new meaning of experience. This is a KEY skill in NLP practicing.


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