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Discovery session

Coaching is a proven approach that are used to reduce confusion and improve psychological wellbeing. During the session I use all my knowledge, gained in my ICF coaching training, NLP training and Gestalt Training, combined with my practical experience to help and support you. Feel free to Schedule your free discovery session .


The Discovery session starts by scheduling meeting for video call, where you are bringing the topic which is most important for you. I am guiding you through the process of deeper exploration by asking you questions which evokes a thoughts process. If there is a need I can suggest some NLP exercise which can support the exploration process and eventually leads to some discovery or some insights. After that it is your responsibility to implement what you had learn during the experience. With some of the clients I have developed strong relationship and working together long-term which means more then one year.Feel free to schedule your discovery call and see if we are good fit working together or maybe you will make decision to look for another solution. However it is your responsibility to take action. Schedule your FREE Discovery Session